Congratulations – you’re on your way to becoming a better communicator and leader!  

We are COMMITTED to your success.  So we ask that you come to 3 meetings before making your decision to join our family!  At your third (3rd) visit, please use the PAYPAL payment portal to enter your payment.  For existing members, please use this portal to enter your payments towards renewals.  

Meetings are held every 1st & 3rd Thursday every month from 7PM to 8:45PM at The Seventh Day Adventist Church, 88 Hanson Place, Basement, Brooklyn, NY 11217.


  • RENEWAL - $150
  • NEW MEMBER - $168
Membership Dues

New members pay $168:  Toastmasters dues:  $90 (for the year), Admin fee:   + $20 , Toastmasters for Entrepreneurs club dues: +$54, PayPal Fee:  + $4 = $168

Dual and renewing members pay $150 (if you ever previously belonged to a Toastmaster club and if you are renewing your membership to the current Toastmasters for Entrepreneurs Club): Toastmasters dues:  $90 (for the year),  Toastmasters for Entrepreneurs club dues: +$56, PayPal fee:            +$4 = $150

To find out more,  Attend a Meeting 

The VP of Public Relations, ( will provide instructions to access the application form online, answer any questions to get you started, and about the application process.  Each applicant is voted in by the members of the club and the new member is inducted during a formal ceremony held at a regular meeting event.